Vera Vera is het centrum voor de Pop – Cultuur, of zoals we dat ooit zo mooi voor ons zelf bedachten: Club for the International Pop Underground.

In Vera’s geval houdt dat in dat we elke week twee tot drie, en soms wel vier concerten organiseren en op dinsdag een film vertonen.
Daarnaast is er ook elke zaterdag een Downstage concert en de Swingavond waar Vera DJs hun favoriete muziek draaien.


Vera is a rock venue since around 1974 featuring concerts, movies and dance nights. Bands that later became famous first played here: Joy Division, U2, The White Stripes, Sonic Youth, Nirvana and many, many more.
It has two halls with bar: the main hall (capacity 500) and a smaller one (cap. 80) in the former vaults (dating from the 15th century).
Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays (and sometimes Saturdays) are concert nights. On Tuesdays you can watch an arthouse movie and on Saturdays visit a support your local scene band from Groningen or elsewhere in the Netherlands (and from abroad) in the downstage bar. Saturday nights are dancenights (from 23.30 till 04.00), with one of our resident DJ’s. Their motto: The danceable side of underground and the undergound side of dance.

Here we are on the web:

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